Garrison Kurtz, President

Garrison is well known as a systems-thinker who connects disparate efforts and details.  Having served in senior and executive management positions in the private, public and non-profit sectors, Garrison is adept at asking provocative questions that can help to identify the needs and interests of stakeholders and connect them to concrete steps and outcomes.

Before moving to philanthropy, where he worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others to develop cross-sector partnerships, Garrison worked in the public sector to develop and implement numerous process improvement projects that changed policy and practice.  While serving as Director of Washington State preschools, he was a co-author of the state's preschool program standards, the preschool marketing strategy and program evaluation and management information systems specifications.  As an administrator at the Department of Social and Health Services, he developed processes and negotiated legal agreements between the agency and the local Prosecuting Attorney's and Attorney General's offices. Since then he has continued to consult with businesses and individuals in all four sectors, driving toward improved outcomes in health, education and human services.

Garrison’s strengths run from concept development of large initiatives like Thrive Washington, to strategic planning and organizational development for non-profits.  He regularly works on impact assessment analyses and helps organizations and collaborations to focus their improvement efforts.  Social network analysis tools, course development, small and large group processes and energizing presentations underpin his approach with clients.

With an adult daughter selling financial services in New York and a son working in human services, Garrison finds ways to focus additional time and energy on causes that are important to him. Among these interests is a passion for youth civic engagement and public education reform.