Bea Kelleigh, Vice President

Before joining Dovetailing™ , Bea crafted strategy for and managed a range of community health, human service and education-focused organizations and initiatives. As a co-founder of the Country Doctor Clinic, she helped build momentum for health services for vulnerable people. As first Executive Director for the Northwest AIDS Foundation, she built legislative support for needed funding against great odds, while building one of the first and most respected organizations to serve people living with AIDS in the country. As Director of the Division of Early Learning and Family Support at City of Seattle, she has strengthened the City’s focus on and delivery of outcomes for kids, while fostering nationally-recognized efforts to connect early learning and K-3 education.

As a Partner at the consulting firm Cedar River Group, Bea has made a mark helping public, private, philanthropic and non-profit players design and implement run collaborative projects grappling with tough issues bigger than any one could solve on their own. From the Hanford Health Information Network which helped three states and nine Columbia Basin Indian Nations to identify and communicate the health effects of environmental exposure to radiation, to the Project Lift-Off Opportunity Fund which brought public and private funders together, side-by-side with service providers, in a learning community to improve services for family friend and neighbor caregivers, her expertise at seeing the end game and scaffolding the communication, public will, policy, funding and governance elements has been invaluable.

Bea’s extended network of family, friends and colleagues provide ample opportunity to draw from and support her many civic efforts. As a world traveler and community leader, she invests time and personal capital mentoring emerging leaders and connecting immigrant communities with local resources and schools.