Strategy Development

Businesses and collaborations get the most from their efforts when they have set a clear vision for where they want to go and understand the unique value and characteristics of their initiatives among their peer organizations. 

Creating strategies that effectively advance organizational vision hinges on a clear understanding of desired outcomes as well as the organization's current structure, culture and capacity to deliver them. Developing a deep understanding about the environment in which the work is being done, from knowledge of competitors and partners, to the desires of consumers is key to setting and sustaining a successful strategy for long-term success. Developing adequate measures of the strategy's impact and establishing systems to gather and use important data for continuous improvement also mark the most evolved strategies.

At Dovetailing™ , our work often involves research and analysis of trends in the market, policy environment or philanthropic sector. We help you assess your current situation in the context of your partners and competitors through competition analysis methods and articulation of your value proposition in the marketplace. We work with you to create your "theory of action" identifying the needed resources to implement the strategies that deliver short- and long-term outcomes. We help bring strategies and innovations into reality. Whether you are a foundation, a government agency or a not-for-profit organization - we work with you to develop your case for support as well as your fund development or grant making strategies.

As passionate believers in continuous quality improvement, Dovetailing™ encourages thoughtful exploration of your capacity to get and use data that can help you to continually refine your strategy and achieve greater success. We believe so much in the use of effective data and knowledge management, that we are a reseller of Social Solutions Efforts to Outcomes (ETO)™ software solutions for those clients who are prepared for such a robust solution. 

Featured Client Work: