Policy Development

Public policy development is a multi-faceted proposition. It requires comprehension of the issue, current political and fiscal climate, stakeholder positions and motivations of decision-makers in order to identify opportunities. Public resources are finite and not every worthy or proven investment is supported each year thus it is critical to “dovetail” the most compelling aspects of the policy proposal with the current opportunities to achieve desired results.   

Additionally, creating the best policy typically requires a delicate balance of many competing demands, the ability to navigate the landscape, and a clear eye toward the ultimate goal of the policy. Involvement of stakeholders who are knowledgeable about how the current policy plays out on the ground, and the system level stakeholders who seek to make connections across policies and programs, is key to developing and implementing effective policy.

At Dovetailing™, we work with you to explore the current practices in your county or state as well as research national best practices to focus attention and build the case for policy options that drive toward your desired outcome. Our familiarity with education, health and early childhood development policies and programs allows us to draw connections across policies and programs. Our years of work in these fields enables us to tap into a strong network of professionals and partners who are passionate about these issues.

We work with you to structure your policy development or revision process and identify the best way to build on information and relationships as you make key policy recommendations and decisions. We plan and facilitate stakeholder meetings that help you answer the tough questions and choose among options while developing your policy recommendations or decisions. As experienced writers of reports for legislatures, Governors, public agencies and funders, our draft reports and policy papers and guidance through the vetting process can help you to adopt your chosen policy quickly.

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