Virtual Interaction - But Real Results

As this COVID-19 pandemic interrupts and transforms how agencies service clients, how funders support work, and how coalitions explore and make decisions about how to move issues forward, many of us are pressed to keep things moving.

In our past work with you, we have tried to always be a trusted source of support. Our desire to see your work continue in this tough situation endures and we wanted to share some free help where we can.

We know it can be challenging to quickly change routines, prepare logistics of working virtually, train people to use new tools, and structure conversations to approximate our past in-person interactions. Fortunately, many online collaboration tools make this easier than ever.

Because we have used Zoom and other platforms for online collaboration for many years, we thought that the attached tip sheets might be helpful to you:

·      Using Zoom for Virtual Meetings

·      Using Zoom to Share Your Thinking

We hope that these tips might help you to get started quickly and minimize lost time driving toward your goals. We will also be developing additional tip sheets geared for meeting hosts to cover Zoom logistics as well as meeting planning ideas that can help you replace in-person interactions with successful and engaging virtual meetings. If you are stumped about a particular situation, please feel free to reach out to pick our brains as always.

We also hope that you are connecting to sources of information about supports that can help human service organizations moving.

We continue to be appreciative and humbled by your continued efforts to create a better world.