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Universal Developmental Screening (UDS) Partnership: Moving to a Collective Impact Approach

Washington is fortunate to have many leaders at all levels of the health and early learning systems that are passionately advancing the goal of a truly universal developmental screening (UDS) system in Washington. UDS partners have advanced the work piece by piece with available funding. To increase and sustain the effort needed to achieve our goal of a universal system, the Department of Health and its partners secured a federal Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems grant to implement a Collective Impact approach to the work. (See collective impact infrastructure column below.) This Collective Impact approach provides a framework for partners to take aligned actions toward a common goal. It also provides a structure for many new partners to join and accelerate action.

To realize this opportunity, the initiative has engaged Dovetailing Consulting to facilitate a re-visioning process (between now and September) using the five elements of the flexible Collective Impact approach. Existing governing and advisory bodies will be engaged in deliberation about what this new approach means and how we can most efficiently and effectively accelerate action and attract additional partners and resources to this important work.

What’s Next?

The June 12th UDS Partnership Group meeting will focus on re-visioning our initiative structure to align with the collective impact approach. Participants will have the opportunity to consider where their work, passion and expertise fit in the new structure. The meeting will also provide opportunities for small group work around Help Me Grow, Great MINDS and other initiatives.

Ways to Be Involved

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  • Spread the word about the Partnership and its initiatives
  • Volunteer to participate in a work group where your skills and passion can be tapped
  • Provide leadership to raise funds, set strategic direction and deploy resources in the Steering