Areas of Expertise

Dovetailing™ is a consulting firm based in Seattle, Washington founded on the premise that successful solution and action is supported by connections among people and ideas, and the initiatives they create. We work with a variety of organizations across the philanthropic, private, public, and not-for-profit sectors to advance and strategically "dovetail" their internal systems and leverage their partnerships. Our consultants have worked in various roles across the sectors and have built expertise in the fields of philanthropy, education, health and early childhood development. We are also known for our expertise and services in strategy development, policy development, organizational success, and communications and advocacy.

We work with individuals, organizations and collaborations to advance their work and when possible, connect these different disciplines and fields.  Much of our work with clients features efforts to connect the fields of early childhood development, health and education or the efforts of funders, policymakers and service providers.  For a few examples, we invite you to explore our work.